Two in Larimer.

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Two in Larimer.

Peaks: West White Pine Mountain 10305, East White Pine Mountain 10248

Dates: 11/02/2017

Post by andrewrose » Sat Nov 04, 2017 9:14 pm

I visited these two with my pups this week. The trailhead is off LarCo road 44H, open June to December. It can be accessed from the west from Pingree Park or the east from Buckhorn/Stove Prarie Road.
Heading up in the early morning, the drive took about half an hour less than the prediction from Google. 44H is dirt, so I’m not sure what speed it’s estimated at, but the drive up to there can go at higher than posted if you dare. I parked at the Buckhorn Ranger Station on the south side of the day road. From there, take Forest Road 100 up.
Well, it used to be that simple, but after the High Park fire and the floods, the road was heavily damaged. The road is washed out at up to ten feet deep in places, and where there is a road, it’s often covered by deadfall. Going is therefore slow.
We arrived at the saddle between the peaks and went for East White Pine first. It seemed to be the more difficult of the two, due to no trail. There’s deadfall, but you can pick a way around easy enough. Reverse back to the saddle.
I couldn’t find the trail, so I just started up and found it in short order. There’s a little deadfall here, but the old road is generally in better shape than Forest Road 100. Dogs found the remnants of an Elk leg here. Oh to be a dog!
The road goes right to the summit, which used to be home to an observation tower. There’s some good views of points west.
We headed back to the car. It was easier to find some of the developing social trails to avoid the worst of the road on the way back down. We got back to the car with 5 hours elapsed, 8.52 miles travelled, and a hair under 3k gained. Fun was had by all, and the pups got into the car and promptly passed out.
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