formidable weekend in the rockies

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formidable weekend in the rockies

Peaks: Mount Sherman 14036, Huron Peak 14003, Mount Antero 14269, Mount Sheridan 13748, 13462 (Winfield Quad), Mount White 13667, Cronin Peak 13870

Dates: 07/15/2017-07/16/2017

Post by JBE » Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:17 pm

The goal was to finish the 14ers in the Mosquito and Sawatch ranges. The only one left were Sherman, Huron and Antero. Why not add the 13ers around.

Started with Sherman since it is the faster drive. Arrive Friday night and slept the car under the stars. it was another beautiful night.
Started the hike early, around 4:40am. The trailhead is not marked and it was difficult to find it with the head lamp. The beginning of the hike was in the humid meadows and stream crossing: not a pleasant to journey departure. The struggle with the vegetation lasted 20 minutes, or so. After reaching higher grounds, the path was right there, almost laughing at me.
On the way up and above 13,000 feet, believe it or not, there was a grey fox wondering around. It was strange to see him at that elevation.
Summited 1hour and 30 minutes later. It was surprising to already find people on the top enjoying the sunrise.
The goal was to return to the car by 8 am, so there were enough time to cross to Sheridan. It took roughly 1 hour. On my way to the 13er, 3 goals were jumping down the rocky slope. What a sight.
Hurry back, direction Huron.
Total distance: 5.53miles and 3013 feet elevation in 3h 21m according to the gps data.
The drive from Sherman to Huron is approximately 1.5 hours.
The chosen path was the north ridge via lulu gulch since there is the ranked UN 13er on the way and the unranked browns peak. Started close to 9:40am, the ascension took roughly 3.5 hours. Surprisingly, a young man carried his skies to the top. His target is to sky all 14ers in the summer, he said that he did quite a few; but that day on Huron, it was not enough snow for a cold drink. Too bad for him.
The trail down was the standard route and it is less expose in the forest.
gps numbers: distance 11 miles and elevation 4410 feet in 5 h 40m.

Direction Antero and spend the night in the wilderness. So far so good, until the rain disturbed my sleep. A tarp above the truck bed solved the problem.

After a good night sleep, Antero was the focus. Woke up at 4 am and began to walk a 4:45 am. 3.5 hours later, time to rest on Antero head. On Antero a young couple was drinking champagne, they were a little inebriated and were laughing for no reason. It was still early in a gorgeous morning surrounded by beauty... why not make it last longer.
Direction Mount White. White looks like a camel back, it is not clear which one is the summit. Went to both, to be sure. 2 hours was a little faster than expected, there was still time to hike to Cronin. 2 hours later, it was time for a summit picture. The last 1000 feet of altitude were pretty steep and close to the end. It made them the must difficult of the weekend. The tentative was for return via the north ridge (Baldwin gulch). On the way the trail was not visible and the terrain seemed very unstable... the uncertainty and the lack of documentation made me decide to not tent it and descent from the way up.
Those 4wd roads are a lot of fun for people with all terrain vehicles but very annoying for hikers; sometimes it felt like walking in a busy street.
Numbers: Distance 19 miles with 7672 feet elevation with a duration of 10 hours and 50 minutes.
Time to go home for a good shower, a decent meal and a good night sleep. that was without counting on the traffic jam in 285... bummer.
car computer data: 9h38m of driving for 358 miles and 14.5 gallons of gas.
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Re: formidable weekend in the rockies

Post by Gary Neben » Tue Jul 18, 2017 4:15 pm

Hey, great weekend Jamel! :applause: I, too, have seen 1 or 2 fox high up. Not sure why they are up that high but if they do catch a fat marmot they're probably good for at least a month. :D

I wish I had that many postage stamps made for me. ;)

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Re: formidable weekend in the rockies

Post by Mike Via » Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:18 am

Nice story and pictures, thanks for sharing.

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