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Quote of the day:

“[In mountaineering, if] we look for private experience rather than public history, even getting to the top becomes an optional narrative rather than the main point, and those who only wander in high places become part of the story. ”
-- Rebecca Solnit

Joke of the day:

After a long hike, a thirsty kangaroo walks into a bar and orders a Fosters draft. The bartender pulls it and sets the beer down in front of the kangaroo and says, "That'll be 10 bucks." The Kangaroo reaches into his pouch and pulls out a 10 dollar bill and hands it to the bartender. The bartender goes off and comes back after a few minutes and says, "You know, we don't see many kangaroos in here." The kangaroo says, "At these prices you won't see many more."