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Quote of the day:

“The reason it was so scary was that there was only one climber capable of rescuing us, and that was Layton Kor, and he was in Colorado.”
-- Yvon Chouinard

Joke of the day:

A rich man who was very close to his money got together with a climber and two of his friends. He then announced that he was dying and had less than a month to live. He handed each person an envelope with $100,000 in it and asked everyone to do him a favor after he died. "Each of these envelopes contains $100,000," said the rich man. "Since I don't want to go to the afterlife without my money, would you please throw these envelopes into my coffin after I die?" Everyone in the group agreed, and took the envelopes. About a month later, the rich man died and the group reconvened at the funeral. As promised, each man threw his envelope into the coffin before it was closed up. As they were leaving, the first friend said, "I have a confession to make. My local church needed a new altar, so I took $5,000 out of the envelope and bought it." The next friend looked at his feet and said, "Since we're coming clean, I thought it was a waste of money to bury all of the money in the coffin, so I took $30,000 out of the envelope and bought the hospital a new X-ray machine." Both men then looked at the climber, expecting him to also make a confession. "You guys are crooks," said the climber. "I didn't take any money. I put a check in the coffin for the entire $100,000."