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Quote of the day:

“The pleasure of risk is in the control needed to ride it with assurance so that what appears dangerous to the outsider is, to the participant, simply a matter of intelligence, skill, intuition, coordination... in a word, experience. Climbing in particular, is a paradoxically intellectual pastime, but with this difference: you have to think with your body. Every move has to be worked out in terms of playing chess with your body. If I make a mistake the consequences are immediate, obvious, embarrassing, and possibly painful. For a brief period I am directly responsible for my actions. In that beautiful, silent, world of mountains, it seems to me worth a little risk.”
-- A. Alvarez

Joke of the day:

A man walked into a bar and asked the barman if he had heard the latest hiker joke. "I'm warning you," said the hiker loudly, "I'm a hiker who's just working part-time as a hiker to make some extra money." "That's all right," said the man. "I'll tell it slowly."