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Quote of the day:

“Early season or new ice is often little more than unconsolidated icicles stuck together with the climber's optimism.”
-- Will Gadd

Joke of the day:

A mountaineer dies and goes to hell. The devil greets him warmly at the gates, and as they enter a long corridor, the devil explains that the mountaineer must choose a room where he will spend eternity. As they approach the first room, the door opens, and the mountaineer peers in. There's an endless circle of people standing on hot coals with weights strapped to their backs. "I don't think I want to spend eternity here," said the mountaineer. The devil then showed the mountaineer the second room. In this room, the damned walk around on broken glass listening to elevator music. "This isn't much fun," said the mountaineer. "I definitely don't want to spend any more time in this room." In the last room, the mountaineer was surprised to find the damned standing around up to their armpits in vomit drinking coffee. "That doesn't look so bad!" said the mountaineer. "I'll stay here." "Very well," said the Devil, closing the door behind him. Suddenly the room supervisor called out on his megaphone, "Alright everybody, coffee break's over. Back on your heads."